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I started up a new writing and photography blog with 2 other students, so I won’t post here anything in future! On the new blog, you can find poems, qoutes, short stories, news and photos! We started a bit alredy, but in the next times, we’ll post more and more there! So far, thanks for all your visits and likes, and I hope you got interested and visit the new blog….. 🙂

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The little story

Today, I will post a little story, made up by myself:

all in the african english dialect

Once ago, I was a little boy in Ethiopia, I went to school, loved my parents and life was nice. In the following years, my parents lost their jobs, and I couldn’t go to school anymore. Then, when I was about twelve years old, they said to me: “Akele, you have to leave us now, because we can’t pay your food, and here, you’re gonna die”. These words were so unbelievable hard to me, but what should I do? A few days later, I left my hometown. I had no aim, no plan were to go, so I always went southside and quickly met other childs. We got friends and I accompanied them on their way. So after many, many weeks and a real struggle with life, we reached a refugee camp in Kenya. In the first days, everything was fine, we had something to eat and could drink more than on our travel. But after a few days, we all were brought to a medical check about AIDS. I was standing strong there with my friends and waited up to my turn. Everyone who came out sad, yeah, I don’t have AIDS, then it was my turn. The doctor(he was a north-european) asked me where I come from, and other unimportant questions. Then, he made the AIDS test and it was positive, so I was extremly sad and asked my why. Why god? Why???? Later, I returned to my friends and we talked about the AIDS test. Gukia asked me: “Mine was negative and yours?”. I thought, no, no, I don’t want to answer, but I couldn’t react quickly enough and said, it was positive. So I’m infected with AIDS.

Following, she watched me and told it to the others, playing football. I asked wheather I can play with them, but today, they refused me. I asked me why, why??? They answered: “No, you’ll never play with us again. You’re infected and we won’t infect ourselfs too!”. I was absolutely depressed and mad about my friends, because I learnt in school a few years ago, that you can’t spread AIDS with your words. But they think it. And many others also think it. A few days later, I got ill and lonely, and died because of a broken heart.

So, we should explain the reasons of spreading to others and help infected people. And the ending? It’s sad, I’m sorry, but I hope you learned a bit from this story….

Chamois on the mountain

I don’t know if you can see the Chamois, because of the comprimated file 🙂


In our alps


The papavers in white, yellow and red


The Crocus

The mountain

Today, you get a full quality shot, not comprimated from a mounain in Austria:


The sun comes out